About Us

The Fusion of Performance and Apparel
Our passion for developing innovative designs and pairing them with fabric that not only looks great, but stands up to weather, wash and wear is evident in everything we sell. If you want something original made with high quality standards, you've arrived at the right reef...drop a line and stay awhile, you might just hook a REEL FISH.

Born out of a passion for all things water, REEL FISH OUTFITTERS® was created with a simple philosophy...develop the world's most innovative designs and fabrics for both the serious fisherman and the folks that love the lifestyle of sun, water and the good times that follow. The Fusion of Performance and Apparel™ is not just another tag line, it's a mission to produce both Professional Fish Fighting Apparel™ like SUN TEK-5™ while showcasing the unique works of the Reel Fish artists.

Whether you're fighting fish or lounging at the tiki bar, REEL FISH has the apparel for the occasion. Get your REEL FISH™...try one on today and you'll be hooked! REEL FISH OUTFITTERS® is a US Veteran owned company with a proud tradition of service, both for the country we proudly served as well as the community we call home. Whether it's through volunteering our time to Veteran's causes or giving of charitable donations, REEL FISH OUTFITTERS® salutes all those who have served and are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. Thanks for your sacrifice in keeping us free. Semper Fi